Consumer Goods

Large national companies use Waiver Logistics in customs clearance. Our concern is that we can be able to provide each customer an effective cost solution, since we understand that the cost is as important as the delivery of the goods within the time and conditions agreed. In order to get this,, we make an extensive document analysis, that is not only limited to:

Pre-shipment inspections

  • Registration of Importer with the Consenting bodies;
  • Registration and Monitoring of Import Licensing;
  • Process Ex-Tarif├írio (tax reduction);
  • Authentication of documents registered in court, if required;
  • Certification of products for INMETRO(National Institute of Metrology Standardization and Industrial Quality);
  • RADAR;
  • Procedures for Classification of Goods;
  • Assistance in the classification of goods and services;

Document Analysis

  • Description of goods per item, with its HS Code; in order to verify the need of licences;
  • Invoice and Packing List: verification of compliance with the legislation of the importing country, besides the consistency of information;
  • Fumigation Certificate (if there is any);
  • Identification of the Incoterm in the invoice;

Clearance process with the Customs

  • Presence of Cargo at the Terminal;
  • Verification of malfunction report;
  • Payment of local taxes;
  • Release of BL in Maritime Company;
  • Registration DI/DSI;
  • Collecting of taxes;
  • Registration of import declaration at the terminal;
  • Parameterization of cargo;
  • Monitoring the process of tax compliance with customs requirements, if there is any;

After Clearance

  • Assistance on the issuance of the invoice by the importer;
  • Payment of storage fee;
  • Schedulling of transport for cargo collecting;
  • Load tracking, if necessary.